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Adequate (and interesting) introductions are always hard to write. I tend to lose my train of thoughts and go on forever on pointless rants that no one has the patience to read. So this time, I am trying something new. I give you the ten most important things you need to know about me.

01 I am an aquarius and born in the year of the pig. I do not believe in astrology.

02 My family consists of a younger sister (who might possible be both the best sister and the best friend in the world), and divorced parents.

03 I am originally from Sweden but have moved around a lot. I have lived in four different countries spanning a geographical distance of more than 11 thousand km. Since English is my second language, and I have lived in both the US and the UK, I tend to mix American and British English. It is one of those things you just have to accept about me.

04 I am obsessed (and know a lot about) rocks and volcanoes. I have a BS in geology and geophysics, a MRes in the science of natural hazards, and a PhD in physical volcanology. I now work as a postdoctoral researcher.

05 I am a music junkie. I am seriously addicted to music and might be permanently attached to (and seriously in love with) my ipod.

06 In spite of my sister’s objections, I maintain that there is no problem that cannot be solved by writing a list. I write a lot of lists, including lists of lists to write. I am also kind of obsessed with statistics and keep track of everything. Lists with statistics are the best kind. The only thing that is better is colour-coded lists.

07 I tend to write long sentences (often with brackets) and I commonly overuse commas – and dashes – in spite of my mother’s persistent attempts to convince me of the value of a simple and structured language. My father has realized that I will always write in the same manner as I speak: too fast and too much and completely unorganized.

08 I prefer silver over gold, paper over plastic, grass over asphalt, skirts over pants, barefoot over shoes, pens over pencils, tulips over red roses, and showers over baths.

09 I love reading. I read a lot. My sister reads almost as much as I and we often exchange books with each other. I believe making dogears in books is a deadly sin whereas she seldom uses a bookmark. This is the cause of a never ending dispute between the two of us.

10 According to my friends and family, I am a world of contradictions.

Oh. And my name is maria helena.

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