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2017 Reading Challenges

What’s in a Name?
Hosted by The Worm Hole. Read a book from each of the following categories:

✔ A number in numbers: 206 Bones ★★★ Mar 3
✖ A building:
✖ A title which has an ‘X’ somewhere in it: The Executioner Oct 15
✔ A compass direction: 66º North ★★★ Jan 12
✖ An item/items of cutlery:
✖ A title in which at least two words share the same first letter:


Read the Books You Buy
Hosted by the Book Date. As the name implies, the challenge is to read all the books you buy.

Bought but not yet read:
The Gravity of Love by Sara Stridsberg
Bad Blood by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
The Secret Friend by Chris Mooney
The Soul Collectors by Chris Mooney


BetterWorldBooks’ 2017 Reading Challenge
Hosted by BetterWorldBooks.

✔ A collection of short stories: The Blue Religion: New Stories about Cops, Criminals, and the Chase ★★★ Jan 7
✖ A young adult novel:
✔ A book with a colour in the title: Blue Lightning ★★★★ Mar 25
✔ A book that’s more than 100 years old: The Secret Garden ★★★ Apr 8
✖ A book you picked based on its cover:
✖ A book set in a place you want to visit:
✖ A book based on a fairytale:
✖ A National Book Award winner:
✖ A book that takes place in a forest:
✖ A romance that takes place during travel:
✖ A book under 200 pages:
✖ A book over 400 pages:
✖ A banned book:
✖ A nonfiction book about nature:
✖ A fantasy novel:
✖ A book by a person of colour:
✖ A book by a female author:
✖ A book of poetry:
✖ A book set in Asia:
✖ A book about immigrants:
✖ A book about a historical event:
✖ A book with a child narrator:
✔ A book translated from another language: The Ice Queen ★★★★ Mar 9
✖ A book that’s been adapted into a movie:

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