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2017 Reading Challenges

What’s in a Name?
Hosted by The Worm Hole. Read a book from each of the following categories:

✖ A number in numbers:
✖ A building:
✖ A title which has an ‘X’ somewhere in it:
✔ A compass direction: 66º North by Michael Ridpath ★★★ Jan 12
✖ An item/items of cutlery:
✖ A title in which at least two words share the same first letter:


Read the Books You Buy
Hosted by the Book Date. As the name implies, the challenge is to read all the books you buy.

Bought but not yet read:
The Gravity of Love by Sara Stridsberg


BetterWorldBooks’ 2017 Reading Challenge
Hosted by BetterWorldBooks.

✔ A collection of short stories: The Blue Religion: New Stories about Cops, Criminals, and the Chase ★★★ Jan 7
✖ A young adult novel:
✖ A book with a colour in the title:
✖ A book that’s more than 100 years old:
✖ A book you picked based on its cover:
✖ A book set in a place you want to visit:
✖ A book based on a fairytale:
✖ A National Book Award winner:
✖ A book that takes place in a forest:
✖ A romance that takes place during travel:
✖ A book under 200 pages:
✖ A book over 400 pages:
✖ A banned book:
✖ A nonfiction book about nature:
✖ A fantasy novel:
✖ A book by a person of colour:
✖ A book by a female author:
✖ A book of poetry:
✖ A book set in Asia:
✖ A book about immigrants:
✖ A book about a historical event:
✖ A book with a child narrator:
✖ A book translated from another language:
✖ A book that’s been adapted into a movie:

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