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To the Top of the TBW List

February 12, 2016 | 2 comments


Last week I made a list of the top ten things in books that are guaranteed to put them on the top of my ever growing TBR list. That made me think of the movies and tv shows I watch. Am I as predictable about those as with books? (I am.)

My favourite types of movies and tv shows are those with…

1. Hospitals. In real life, I avoid hospitals and doctors at all cost, but medical dramas is my go-to type of show any day of the week.

2. Firefighters. Fires are scary but firefighters are the best.

3. Cops. With very few exceptions, I’m an avid follower of every single police show.

4. Prosecutors and lawyers. I find courtroom dramas fascinating.

5. (Good) Thiefs. Sometimes those on the other side of the law is just as fascinating as the police and prosecutors.

6. Superheroes. Who doesn’t love superheroes?

7. Disasters. I fully credit disaster movies for me becoming a volcanologist. Bad geology movies are the best.

8. Dancing and/or singing. I will definitely watch any kind of dance/music movie or tv show. (And I might be addicted to musicals. Even the bad ones.)

9. Elaborate costumes I love period pieces with the amazing, beautiful dresses.

10. Large families or group of friends. You can never go wrong with big cast dramas and comedies.