6 Degrees of Separation: Us

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6 Degrees of Separation (hosted by Annabel Smith and Emma Chapman) is my favourite book meme. The goal is to construct a chain with 6 other books, using any criteria you want, and see where you end up.

This month, the starting book is Us by David Nicholls. It’s about a man named Douglas and his wife Connie and son Albie. Right before the family embarks on a month long trip to Europe, Connie tells Douglas that she wants a divorce. Douglas hopes the trip will help rescue the relationship with the woman he loves and also help him bond with his son who’s always felt like a stranger.

The Two of Us by Andy Jones takes place during the course of one year, during which the couple Fischer and Ivy discover that falling in love is one thing, but staying there is an entirely different story.

The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett follows three entirely different outcomes of the meeting between Eva and Jim, who both are nineteen year old and students at Cambridge. Their paths first cross in 1958 when Jim is walking down the street and Eva, cycling towards him, swerves to avoid a dog. The story explores the possible outcomes and how their decisions determine the rest of their life.

One Day by David Nicholls is also about a boy (Dexter) and girl (Emma) who meet at university. They meet on the night of their graduation and then go their separate ways but cannot stop thinking about one another. Emma begins writing and performing plays, whereas Dexter travels through the world before moving to London to become a successful tv presenter. The book follows the ups and downs of their relationship, told as snapshots from the same day of each year during 20 years. It’s about all the missed opportunities and how seemingly small actions have long-lasting consequences.

Holly and Alex in The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me by Laura Tait, is another example of best friends who could have been more whose feelings last even when they go their separate ways. Like Dexter, Alex moves to London for a new job and a fresh start.

The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks is the story of two small-town former high school sweethearts from opposite sides of the tracks. I liked most of it, but the ending was disappointing.

A Walk to Remember is definitely the best of Sparks’s love stories. I’ve read in countless times and it never disappoints.


This time, my chain took me from love story to love story, ending with one of my all-time favourites.

Why don’t you join us and make your own chain. Starting with Us, where will you end up?


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