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Book vs Film: The Snowman

February 8, 2018 | No comments


I watched The Snowman (from 2017) last week. It is based on Jo Nesbøs book with the same name (published 2007) which I read in 2013. It is the 7th book in the series about police inspector Harry Hole. I’ve had conflicting feelings about the book series – some books were great, others were boring. The Snowman falls in the 3 star middle. It wasn’t the worst book in the series, but far from the best.

I think the book and film were about equally good, but the film might be just slightly better because:

1. Michael Fassbender is excellent as Harry Hole. He is not at all how I pictured him while reading the books, but in the film it works.

2. The film does a great job of depicting the grey, moody feel of the book (one of my favourite things about Nordic crime).

3. The soundtrack was spot on.