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She’s the King of Anything

February 26, 2016 | No comments


This week I, once again, rediscovered my love for Sara Bareilles. She’s one of my favourite artists; everything she does impresses me. She’s pretty much one of the most awesome ladies ever.

Her music fills me with both joy and sadness. Her songs make we want to dance, and sing, and cry – sometimes all at once. Her lyrics, which covers the spectrum from playful to heartbreakingly beautiful, always feel very honest. Every time I hear one of her songs, I’m reminded of what an amazing artist she is and I keep falling in love with her albums Little Voice (2007), Kaleidoscope Heart (2010), and The Blessed Unrest (2013) over and over again.

Last year, Sara once again proved how talented she is by scoring the musical Waitress, based on the film by the same name from 2007. She also released her own studio album, called What’s Inside: Songs from Waitress, of the songs. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first because I wasn’t the biggest fan of the film, but when hearing the beautiful She Used To be Mine, and the two duets Bad Idea and You Matter to Me with Jason Mraz, it was clear that although the songs are telling the overall story of the musical, they are also still very much true to Sara’s personality.

In November, she held a release concert at the City Center in New York, and it was streamed live online. It was a great concert, and two of the encores (Sara’s cover of Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, and the acapella version of her hit Gravity) gave me chills.

I thought Sara couldn’t impress me more, but I was wrong. I just read her book Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song which was published in October last year. It’s only 186 pages long (or less than 4 hour long audiobook), but it is a perfect representation, and exploration, of her relationship with music and herself. Like her songs, the essays in the book make you smile and think and feel. The book made me relate to some of her songs in a different way, and appreciate her music more than I did before.