Organize This!


October 17, 2013 | No comments


For a while, I’ve been searching for the perfect method of organizing the links to all the blogs I follow.

The list of links on my blog tends to get very long very quickly, and bookmarks have the annoying habit of always being on the wrong computer (desktop at work vs laptop at home – don’t even get me started on the phone and ipad). I’ve also kept a google spreadsheet with all the links (colour coded of course) and it worked quite well. The only problem was all the time it took to go through the very extensive list of links to find the ones with new posts.

A while ago I decided to try bloglovin, and now I don’t know how I ever functioned without it. I really like how you can organize all the links into groups (which obviously is a big plus for someone as OCD about organization as me) and I don’t have to waste time visiting blogs that haven’t been updated.

In the beginning, I didn’t quite trust bloglovin, so I had to visit my favourite blogs daily even though blogloving claimed that they hadn’t been updated, just to make sure that I didn’t miss something. I’m past this now. We’ve reached a new level of trust, bloglovin and I.

The only problem now is that bloglovin keeps introducing me to new blogs. It’s very bad when you’re in the procrastination-mood. I might have to set a time limit on how long I’m allowed on bloglovin per day. Kind of like I did with Pinterest. And Goodreads.

I’m too easily distracted.

The latest blogs bloglovin has introduced me to are The Nectar Collective, Endlessly Enraptured, and A Cup of Jo.