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Favourite Things | November 2015 (caramel edition)

November 4, 2015 | 6 comments



(1) Dumle. Best caramel candy ever.

(2) Gelato. Breyers indulgence gelato vanilla caramel.

(3) Almonds. Blue Diamonds salted caramel.

(4) Rice crisps. Quakers popped caramel corn.

(5) Caramel chocolate. You can never go wrong with caramel and chocolate.

(6) Lancaster caramel soft cremes. New favourite candy.

(7) Caramel sundae. Always a favourite (especially the one from Dairy Queen).

(8) MilkyWay. Simple caramel candy bar.

(9) Magnum. Gold ice cream bar.

What are your favourite things this month?