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Favourite Things | August 2015

August 6, 2015 | 4 comments



(1) Headphones. From Bello Digital (because sometimes I just cannot stand the apple earphones).

(2) Breyers gelato indulgence. Their vanilla caramel is pure heaven.

(3) PL3. Best lipbalm ever.

(4) Spearmint. Bubblegum.

(5) Kiwi. Favourite fruit right now.

(6) Nike Pro. These might be the most comfortable things I’ve ever splurged on.

(7) Ipod case. My old one was falling apart, so I got this one to replace it.

(8) Oikos greek yogurt. When I need some breakfast variation (or have run out of Fage).

(9) Hair ties. These scunci everyday & active no damage hair ties are great (and cheap!).

What are your favourite things this month?