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Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #81

March 30, 2017 | 2 comments


1. I did my taxes (for all 3 countries)! The Icelandic tax return was easier to understand than the US federal one (in spite of the former being completely in Icelandic without an English translation).

2. If the fact that filing your taxes is so easy wasn’t enough reason to want to stay in Iceland, videos like this one reminds me why I never want to move away.

3. I love this video. Especially the comment about one man looking like an English teacher’s husband.

4. This is so cool.

5.The shortlist for the 2017 Petrona Award for the best Scandinavian crime novel of the year was announced this morning. I have one of them, and I’m definitely gonna read all six books on the list.

6. As a chocolate-loving geologist, I really want one of these geodes.

7. I love mysteries where the past and present are combined, so I was a bit surprised that I had only read two of the books on this list. Many of the others have now been added to my ever-growing tbr list.

8. I’m going to a concert on Saturday. Jason Mraz is playing in Reykjavik, and I’m so excited (he was amazing when I saw him live in Honolulu a couple of years ago).

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