#BlumeALong Kick-off

June 16, 2015 | 4 comments


This is the first week of this summer’s Judy Blume reading project, aka #BlumeALong (lead by the fabulous Kerry).

We’re starting with Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret until June 26th, followed by Summer Sisters until July 17th.


For the start of the read-a-long, Kerry posted some questions for the participants. Here’s my answers…

1. Is this your first time reading Blume, or did you grow up on her books?
I grew up with Blume, in terms of thinking that obviously I would read her books some day, and somehow I never did. I’ll be forever grateful to Kerry for instigating this read-a-long to get me started. I’m assuming I will love the books, because it is Judy Blume and she’s supposed to be amazing (or so I’ve heard). If this is one of those cases where I disagree with pretty much everyone I know, I might blame Kerry for bursting my Judy Blume hero bubble instead.

2. If you grew up on her books, what’s your favorite?
Since I haven’t actually read any of her books, I don’t have a favourite, but Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret is the one that always comes to mind when I hear Judy Blume so I’m happy we’re starting with that one.

3. Are you reading one or the other or both of the books?
Both. I’m all about fully committing to something. At least when books are involved.

4. Where will you be reading in the coming weeks?
I’m stuck* in Hawaii all summer. I envision most of the reading will be done in my office (when needing a break/procrastinating), at home in the evenings, or in some park while simultaneously working on my tan**.

5. Where will you be sharing your #BlumeALong thoughts along the way?
Here on the blog and possibly on twitter using the hashtag #BlumeALong.

*This might not seem as a negative thing for most people, but for someone who usually spends her summers doing field work in Iceland, and getting her much needed Nordic fix, the thought of being banned from travelling and stuck in the office writing her dissertation all summer long is enough to make her start climbing the walls.

** I don’t really get tanned. My skin has two default modes: pale white and tomato red. I’m hoping this summer (if I actually make it out of the office) will lead to my first Hawaii tan.