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There is an app for that too

October 4, 2013 | No comments


The number of amazing (and not so amazing) apps will never cease to amaze me. Whenever I come across one that sounds interesting, I just have to try it (as long as it is free). It is an addiction.

Most of the time, I end up deleting the app again within a few minutes from trying it, but that is beside the point.

When traveling, it’s not always the destination that matters, but the road there. The same applies to apps. Kind of.

I truly enjoy trying new apps. It doesn’t matter if I end up ever using the app again. It like opening up Christmas presents all year round.

I also like knowing that there is an app for everything I could ever wish for. It is comforting. Even more comforting is realizing that I do just fine without those apps (most of them anyway). What do I have to lose other that a few minutes of my time?

I’m opinionated and I like sharing those opinions with others. If I only had a place where I could write about whatever I want to without anyone objecting. Oh right, that is what the blog is for.

Now the question is just which app I should review first. So many choices, such hard decisions.

Wonder if there’s an app that can help me with that?