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Into the Pint Glass: Cider

July 23, 2015 | 10 comments


Katie and Mariah do a linkup every other week called Into the Pint Glass where they test different types of beer. Each time they focus on one type of beer and evaluate it in terms of aroma, appearance, flavour, and mouthfeel. It’s a great idea and the thing I would normally love.

The only reasons I usually don’t participate are that 1) I cannot drink beer because I’m allergic to gluten and 2) The selection of gluten free beers is quite limited. Also 3) I don’t like beer. I never have. Not even when consuming gluten didn’t make me sick.

Now, cider, that is an entire different thing. I love cider. It has always been my drink of choice. The only reason I drink white wine so often is that it is so good with cheese.

While living in Hawaii, my ciders of choice have been Angry Orchard‘s crisp apple or green apple, but my true love/passion/obsession are Swedish ciders.

The first thing about Swedish ciders is that we rarely stick to just apple falvoured cider, we’re all about fruity combinations. The other thing that we’re obsessed with is the quality (and source) of the water used.

I have 3 favourites: rekorderlig, kopparberg and älska.


Rekorderlig (which by the way means “hearty, solid, proper”) has been my favourite brand since I started drinking cider. It was started in 1999 and is brewed by Åbro Bryggeri in Vimmerby, using local spring water. It comes in a wide selection of flavours. My absolute favourite is pear which is very crisp, but I also like their wild apple-elderflower and their gooseberry cider which both are more tart. Their spiced apple cider with cinnamon and vanilla is perfect for winter, and they also have a passionfruit I want to try.
ABV: pear 2.25 and 4.5%, apple-elderflower and gooseberry 4.5% (some of the other flavours goes up to 7%)

Kopparbergs Brewery is the largest cider brewing company in Sweden. It was established in 1882, based in Bergslagen, and uses soft water from Kopparberg. Kopparberg frequently claim that their pear cider is the most often sold cider in Sweden. My favourite is their elderflower-lime, which tastes like pure summer. Their naked apple cider is great if you want a more dry cider. Their pear cider is also good, but slightly more tart than Rekorderlig’s pear cider.
ABV: elderflower-lime 2.25%, naked apple 4%, pear 2.25 or 4.5%

The most recent addition to my list of favourite ciders is älska (which means “to love”) from The Swedish Cider Company, which was started in 2012. My favourite flavour is their lemon and ginger cider and it might be my absolute favourite flavour combination ever. It’s dominantly lemon with just a hint of ginger, and it makes for a perfect fresh cider. They also have a strawberry lime cider and peach raspberry cider that I’m looking forward trying next time I’m in Sweden.
ABV: 4%