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30 Lists | 21 to 25

October 25, 2013 | No comments

list21 1| 50% vegetables and fruit
2| 20% cheese
3| 15% icecream and frozen yogurt
4| 10% tea with milk
5| 5% chocolate
list22 1| Em and I are judges on a cheese contest
2| The islands are sealed off from the rest of the world and we run out of cheese
3| Someone breaks into the office and steals my thesis
4| I get a job sorting animals coming out of a bottomless container
list23 1| I don’t eat purple vegetables
2| I’m not fond of heights and small spaces, and I’m terrified of snakes
3| I don’t like big groups of people
4| I hate being the center of attention
5| I always doubt myself and my abilities
6| I cannot whistle.
list24 1| Listen to 80’s and 90’s pop
2| Jump in a pile of leaves
3| Smile and take deep breaths
list25 1| It’s not allowed to look at the box when doing jigsaw puzzles
2| Newspapers and magazines are read from back to front
3| Ketchup is mandatory with any pasta dish

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