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30 Lists | 16 to 20

October 20, 2013 | No comments

list16 1| The million inside jokes
2| The need to sometimes call in the middle of the night to check that she’s ok
3| Why the words “fake strawberry milkshake” makes me laugh
4| The purpose of hour-long phone conversations without anything specific to talk about
list17 1| The location – walking distance to most things, including campus and one of my closest friends
2| The mix-match of furniture and decoration – somehow our opposite styles complement each other
3| The spacious livingroom – perfect size and layout, and with the most comfortable couch ever made
list18 1| I’ve tried everything I can think of multiple times and nothing works
2| When I feel too overwhelmed
list19 1| Loyalty
2| Humour
3| Creativity
4| Spontaneity
list20 1| Several skype dates with my sister
2| Great meeting with PhD advisor
3| Spending time with friends

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