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October 15, 2013 | No comments

list11 1| To not chew with my mouth open.
2| To speak my mind.
3| To be quiet when I don’t have anything good to say.
list12 There are no favourite things about this month. In Hawaii, October is one of the worst months of the year (especially this year). There are no trade winds, it is humid as **** and time is running out to get things done before all the fall deadlines. Anywhere else, October would be amazing with:
1| Colder temperatures.
2| Leafs changing colour.
3| Thunderstorms.
4| Hot cups of tea + good books + blankets.
list13 1| Biting my nails.
2| Writing on my hands.
list14 1| Fully charged Kindle
2| Sleep-ins
3| Brunch or dinner with friends
4| Afternoon naps
list15 1| Pens and highlighters that don’t work anymore
2| Post-it notes, rubber bands, and ribbons
3| Used batteries
4| Gum and Q-tips
5| Envelopes and stamps
6| Sharpies
7| Lipbalm and hand lotion
8| Tylenol and Advil

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