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Eurovision Week

May 17, 2015 | 4 comments


It’s time to mark your calendars (and start mentally preparing) for the highlight of the year – the Eurovision Song Contest. The two semi-finals are held on Tuesday and Thursday, and the finale is on Saturday.

This year, the finale is held in Vienna. When I was there a month ago, they had signs all over town with a countdown clock for the finale. The finale will take place in Wiener Stadthalle. There are 3 female hosts for the main show, and last year’s winner, Conchita Wurst, will be the Green Room host. Stadthalle can hold 16,000 people and stars such as Bob Dylan and Celine Dion have performed there. So has Justin Bieber, but we will not hold that against them.

I actually think the right song won the Swedish competition this year. We’re sending a song called Heroes performed by Måns Zelmerlöw. He was the predicted winner, but that’s no guarantee. The song is quite catchy – it get’s stuck in your brain right away (which is very important if you want to win Eurovision). And I’m willing to bet that Sweden will place in the top ten, if not top 3, this year.

If the song itself is not enough (and not enough countries vote for Måns because of his looks), we are hoping the title will do it. “Heroes” is such a winning-sounding word, and in 5 out of the last 10 years, a one-word title won so our chances are pretty good.

Maybe I should not mention that we have tried a similar song title before. In 2008, our song was called Hero. We placed 12th. The official excuse for why we didn’t win is that another country (Ukraine) stole our idea of a shiny sparkly silver dress and the winner that year (Russia) had ice-skating and a violin. We all learned our lesson: ice-skating and violins trumps shiny sparkly silver dresses.

It looks like it will be an interesting competition this year. Many countries are going with the always popular love theme. We have Love Injected, I Want Your Love, In the Name of Love and Still In Love With You. I don’t think there are any twins, milkmaids or bearded ladies this year (which were arguable either the best or the worst about last year’s competition). There will be drums, bad dancing, swing-dancing, out-of-tune singing, really bad out-of-tune singing, ugly dresses, less ugly dresses (and hopefully some shiny sparkly dresses), lots of duets, and painfully catchy pop songs.

There are 4 other countries with one-word titles: Iceland with Unbroken, Belarus with Time and both Malta and Georgia with Warrior. We were clearly not the only one looking at the winner statistics, but we’re hoping that the last two will cancel each other out.

Finland is reusing their concept from 2006 with hard rock/heavy metal/punk. It worked then with Lordi and Hard Rock Hallelujah but I’m doubtful Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät with Aina mun pitää will be as successful. Lordi is the only hard rock act to ever win the Eurovision Song Contest. It is also the only time Finland has won, so maybe it’s worth trying again?

Australia is also participating this year. It might seem weird, considering Australia is not part of Europe.

So who is willing to bet that Sweden will win this year, kicking France, the UK and Luxembourg off the very crowded second place pedestal for most wins?

If Spain (or any of the other 7 countries who has enlisted Swedish help) wins, we will count that as a partial win for Sweden.

As per tradition, I’m having a Eurovision party on Saturday for many of my friends (most of who are Americans and don’t actually care about Eurovision but fortunately let me go a bit crazy every May). Because the finale airs live from Europe Saturday evening, the party is in the morning. It’s gonna be great. If nothing else, there will at least be some fancy popcorn to eat.