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Project Life 2015: Page 6 (January 28-31)

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What: Last days of January.

Special for this page: I made a day in the life card inspired by Ali Edward’s project. I also included a screenshot for my month-long photo project “a cup a day”, and used part of a paper for the filler card.

Favourite cards: The @work card. It might not look like much, but it is part of the analysis result for one of the images I processed for one of my PhD projects. The image consists of numbered outlines of vesicles in a piece of pumice. I’m not even gonna try to explain how many hours of work goes into getting to that point (it’s daunting) but the image is a reminder of how satisfying it is once you finally get to the last stage, and how near I am to finishing this project.

Card count: Pre-made (1), Modified (2), Original (0), Photo (4)
Photo count: Camera (0), Iphone (1), Screenshot (3)

Supplies Used: Text ribbon by Cathy Zielske | Dream believe Achieve paper by Kim Broedelet | Paperbasics Neutrals paper by Mye De Leon | Template Pockets No 7-6 by Valerie Wibbens.

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