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30 days of lists

September 30, 2013 | No comments


I’m doing this project called 30 days of lists. It is a creative journaling challenge for people who love to make lists (i.e. people like me). You get a topic per day for the month of September. Except I’m doing this in October.

As usual, there is a simple, logical explanation. I didn’t come across this project until it was almost the end of September. I could have just done all the lists up to that date at once, but that wouldn’t be much fun would it.

Or it probably would have. But it would have only been an excuse to write a whole lot of lists, and I do that every day anyway.

These lists are special. They are like a little present each day.

I’m really excited about this. I’m sure you will be to once you see the lists.

And no. I haven’t looked at any of the prompts yet. That would be cheating.

(If there is such a thing as cheating when it comes to making lists.)

And yes. I know that there is one little flaw with my plan. There is 31 days in October, but only 30 in September, so there is no prompt for my last day. Don’t worry. I have it covered.

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