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It is Valentine’s Day. Or what we call it in Swedish, alla hjärtans dag (“All Heart’s Day”). My heart is very fond of music, and definitely love songs, and more than anything, love songs in Swedish.

In honour of all hearts today, I’m giving you a playlist with my favourite Swedish love songs. They all give me so many feelings.

The first two is what I consider to be the two greatest Swedish love songs ever. If I had to pick only two songs to listen to for the rest of my life, these two would be it. They are total opposites, and at the same time, they are so much alike. Both are a dedication, and a celebration, of love. They appear simple, but under the surface, they are so multifaceted and complicated. Just like love.

1. Om (If) // Niklas Strömstedt
Probably Niklas Strömstedt’s most famous song, this is 4 minutes of heart filling joy. The chorus says it all: “If you were the sea, I would be a wave. If you were the sky, I’d have wings. If you were rain, I would have been sea and land. If you were music, I’d be a song. If you were the open fields, I’d want to be the wind. But I wouldn’t be anything if you didn’t exist.” This song has an uncanny ability to make all my problems go away (at least for 4 minutes). It makes me sing and dance. It’s also the only love song I’ve ever heard where half a minute of “na na na na na” feels absolutely right.

Last year, Jenny Bergen (singer from Ace of Base) did a cover of it for the Swedish TV show Så mycket bättre (‘so much better’). The title was translated to ‘Come’ and the chorus became: “Come and be the sea, I will be a wave and if you’re heaven high, I will be an angel. Come and be the rain, falling on my land and grounds. Come and be the music, I’ll be a song and in the wilderness, I will be a whirlwind. But I wouldn’t be a single thing if it wasn’t for you.” It’s a catchy song (remember the na na na part), but it lost all the poetic feelings from the original lyrics.

2. Utan dina andetag (Without your breath) // KENT
Joakim Berg is a true wordsmith. He writes lyrics that make no sense, but also capture exactly what you’re feeling. I won’t try to translate the lyrics, because I wouldn’t make them justice. Just listen to the original here and this cover by Carolina Wallin Pérez. Her voice is absolutely magic and elevates the song to a completely new level.

3. Om jag är den du vill ha (If I’m the one you want) // Tommy Nilsson
Tommy Nilsson has a big repertoire of amazing love songs. This one, with its eerie feel and pleading lyrics is definitely one of my favourites. “If I’m the one you want, let me stay here and show you that I see the woman you are.” It gives me chills, every singe time.

4. Lova att du aldrig glömmer bort mig (Promise that you’ll never forget me) // Gyllene Tider
For me, the group Gyllene Tider and their lead singer Per Gessle, is synonoymous with Swedish summer. I’m a big fan of their many upbeat songs. This is one of their more delicate songs with lyrics that read like a poem. The chorus is just the same line repeated over and over again, “Promise that you’ll never forget me” ending with the promise that “I will never forget you”.

5. Snälla bli min (Please be mine) // Veronica Maggio
This break-up song is a love letter, from a girl begging her boyfriend to not give up on her. “Even though you’re not listening, I know you hear me, I want to tell you everything before I have to go … searching for something to say that can change everything, something more than what I’ve already said.”

6. Kärleksvisan (The love song) // Sarah Dawn Finer
Sarah’s wonderful voice and the beautiful lyrics and melody makes this a favourite. “Because I love you, just the way your are, and I want to give you everything I have. Let me carry you, when you are weak, because you mean everything to me.”

7. Kärleken är (Love is) // Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson is one of the best Swedish voices and this song is a classic. She also recorded a English version titled Eternal Love, which is a perfect translation.

8. Du är allt (You are everything) // Sonja Aldén, Shirley Clamp
Another beautiful love song, written by the wonderful Sonja Aldén and performed together with Shirley Clamp. “You are everything I ever wished for, you’re everything I dreamt of. You’re the one that make me remember, all the dreams I’ve forgotten. And you’re the one that make me hope, you’re the one that make me smile.”

9. Kärleken förde oss samman (Love brought us together) // Ulf Lundell
The quintessential Swedish wedding song, originally written by Ulf Lundell. “Today, there is only you and I. Today, there is only the two of us. You are mine, and I am yours, and love brought us together.”

10. För kärlekens skull (For love’s sake) // Ted Gärdestad
Ted Gärdestad was one of the greatest Swedish songwriters. All his songs hit me straight in the heart. “It is for us that the sun rises, and shine like gold for love.”

You can listen to the playlist here.

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