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Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #16

February 12, 2015 | 9 comments


1. Outlander (the tv series) is finally available on Amazon Prime and Itunes for all of us who don’t have Starz and were very disappointed when we had to wait over six months extra after the show premiered to see the first episode. Or was that only me? If this show doesn’t do the books justice, I’m gonna be more than a little bit upset.

2. I still haven’t read the most recent book in the Outlander series, Written In My own Heart’s Blood, even though it was published over six months ago. I guess I needed some time to recover after re-reading the first seven books in the series (which took me most of last year). Starting watching the series reminded me of how much I love the books so maybe I’m ready to read it now.

3. I have been so busy at work lately (and the next six weeks will likely be just as busy) that I have barely had time to read this week. I started reading The Likeness, the second book in the Dublin Murder Squad series by Tana French, but I’m still on the first chapter, and I haven’t even started reading Inferno or The Story of King Arthur and his Knights which I also had planned to read this week.

4. This entire problem with not having time to read would be solved if I just liked audiobooks. But I don’t.

5. I finished the podcast Serial. I kind of liked the last episode and it unfolded the way I though it would. Now I’m suffering from withdrawal and really wish the new season starts soon. I did listen to the podcast The Serial Serial (a podcast about the podcast Serial). I liked it too, although it seemed like some episodes were missing.

6. I still need a new podcast to listen to. Any suggestions?

7. Last weekend, I watched the first two seasons of Sherlock. It’s the perfect show to play in the background while doing tedious work tasks. (I’m so hooked! So. Hooked.) It made me feel a little better about spending the entire weekend in the office.

8. I’ve already finished the third season of Sherlock and now I’m gonna have to wait over a year for the next one. I really wish the seasons were longer – three episodes are not enough, even though they are more like short movies than normal tv episodes. I actually listened to, more than watched, the episodes. The dialogue is so great that you can follow along. If audiobooks were as good as this show, all my problems would be solved.

9. Maybe I need to give audiobooks another chance? One of my friends said that the Harry Potter audiobooks are amazing. I’ve requested the first one from the library but there’s a long waiting list. Any other suggestions of audiobooks for the audiobook-sceptic?

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