2015 TBR List

February 8, 2015 | 2 comments


It is no secret that I love books and lists and any combination of books and lists. Reading challenges might seem like a great excuse for making book lists, but I have a very conflicted relationship with these lists. They just become too overwhelming.

I promised myself that this year I would stay away from reading challenges and focus on just reading (because excel spreadsheets with colour coding and cross-checking X number of challenges to maximize the value (in terms of challenges met) of each book read can become very, very distracting and I easily tend to spend more time planning what to read than actually reading). And that kind of defeats the very purpose of participating in reading challenges.

My TBR lists (there’s two of them – the enormous lists of books I want to read and the slightly shorter list of books I already have acquired and are now taking up space on my kindle and on my bookshelves) tend to increase in length faster than I cross off books from them. Last year, I attempted Roof Beam Reader’s TBR Pile Challenge. I made a list of 12 books (plus two alternatives) of books that had been on my TBR list for over a year with the goal to read and review them all. It shouldn’t have been such a hard task, but I ended up reading only 5 of the books and wrote mini-reviews of 2 of them.

I decided to not participate in Roof Beam Reader’s challenge this year, but I’m still focusing on reading books that are already on my TBR list. I also need to make at least a small dent in the piles of books stacked on my bookshelves because no matter how much I want to keep them all, there is no way I will be able to afford to ship them all back to Europe after I finish my PhD. There are also a lot of books that have been on my Kindle for over a year, and although I don’t really need to read them before I move, I still want to read them this year.

My reading plans tend to change during the year (as a get distracted by new books and authors I haven’t tried before) but my goals is to read these 8 books:


Have you read any of these? Which ones are on the top of your TBR list for 2015?

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