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Project Life 2015: Page 3 (Tea)

January 23, 2015 | No comments



What: A celebration of tea – and the two new additions to my tea cup collection that Sam and Sammie gave me for Christmas. My friends clearly know what makes me happy.

Special for this page: A made a card with a cute definition of tea that I have seen on both pinterest and as a print on etsy. No idea where it originally comes from.

Favourite card: The journaling card with ALWAYS/NEVER. (And the photos with journaling on them.)

Card count: Pre-made (0), Modified (0), Original (2), Photo (2)
Photo count: Camera (0), Iphone (2), Screenshot (0)

Supplies Used: Pagekraft paper by One Little Bird | Paperbasics Neutrals paper by Mye De Leon | Template Pockets No 5-1 by Valerie Wibbens.

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