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Project Life 2015: Page 2 (January 1-4)

January 18, 2015 | One comment



What: The first 4 days of the year, and the last 4 days of my Christmas vacation which I spent with my sister at our aunt and uncle’s home. This was the 10th Christmas since my sister and I first moved abroad to attend university. I’ve spent 9 (my sister 8) of those with our aunt and uncle. It has now become a tradition and being there over the holidays feels like coming home. I don’t have the money, nor the time, to travel back to Sweden during the short holiday to visit my parents, so it’s very nice to have a ‘second home’ a bit closer.

New features: The one constant feature in my previous Project Life attempts have been a calendar card on each spread, showing which time period the spread covers. Since I’m not doing weekly spreads this year, I didn’t include a calendar card (but who knows, I might bring them back if I feel like it). I still wanted something to show what time of the year the page is about, so I made a “hello january” card and also included a recap card inspired by these Week in Review cards from Paislee Press.

Special for this page: Since it is the beginning of a new year, I included a happy new year card (modified from an image I found on pinterest, original here) and some journaling on a striped filler card with a note to self that I found on etsy. It says “Dear self, this is going to be your year, so dust off your sh*tkickers and let’s get started.” I’m adamant to make 2015 the best year possible, but I know it is also going to be a tough year (finishing up my PhD among other things).

Favourite card: My favourite cards on this page are the two photos of the cup of tea and my sister and aunt starting a new puzzle. There’s probably nothing I associate more with quality family time than drinking copious amounts of tea (compulsive tea consumption is something I have in common with my aunt) and spending hours and hours building jigsaw puzzles.

Card count: Pre-made (1), Modified (2), Original (2), Photo (3)
Photo count: Camera (0), Iphone (3), Screenshot (0)

Supplies Used: Paperbasics Neutrals paper by Mye De Leon | Midnight edition filler card from Becky Higgins | Woodveneers arrow by Mye De Leon | Template Pockets No 3-3 by Valerie Wibbens.

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