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What I’m Watching: So many shows, so little time

January 20, 2015 | No comments


It’s no secret that professional couch potato is my back-up plan if volcanologist/teacher doesn’t work out. I’d pick staying at home, watching a tv show or movie, over going out any time of the week. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to spend as much time in front of the TV as I would like. but when possible, I’m watching:



Bones (Season 10)
One of my all-time favourite shows (and one of the few a very rarely miss an episode of). Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz as Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth are perfect. The entire cast is perfect. The show is a mix of my favourite things: police procedural and medical/anthropology themed stories, all with a comedic twist.

Criminal Minds (Season 10)
Another of the few TV shows that have kept my interest for multiple seasons and in spite of multiple changes of the main cast. I love this often gruesome and disturbing show about a group of FBI profilers. My favourite character is SSA Dr. Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler) and I’m pleasantly surprised by the recent addition of Jennifer Love Hewitt as SSA Kate Callahan.

Chicago PD (Season 2)
I wasn’t a big fan of Sergeant Hank Voight (played by Jason Beghe) when he was first introduced in Chicago Fire but this spin-off series is even better than the original. Sophia Bush as Detective Erin Lindsay kicks ass (literally).




Arrow (Season 3) – 3 episodes behind
I really like this show’s version of DC Comics’ Green Arrow/Oliver Quinn, here played by Stephen Amell. Also, Fellicity Smoak (played by Emily Rickards) is awesome. The show feels like a mix of Smallville and LOST. You cannot really go wrong with that.

Haven (Season 5) – 3 episodes behind
This show about a small town in Maine and its troubled population is all kinds of awesome. Not quite my usual cup of tea, but I’m totally hooked.

Chicago Fire (Season 3) – 4 episodes behind
I started watching this drama because it stars Jesse Spencer (from House) as Lt. Matthew Casey and because I’ve been a fan of shows about firefighters ever since I saw Third Watch as a teenager.

Major Crimes (Season 3) – 8 episodes behind
This police procedural is about a special unit within the LAPD, lead by Police Captain Sharon Ryder (played by Mary McDonnell), that deals with high-profile cases. The focus is on the collaboration between law enforcement and prosecutors and the deals they make. I love the interactions between this very odd group of characters and the glimpses into their personal lives.




Scorpion (Season 1) – Seen 10 of 14 episodes
A team of geniuses that solve crimes. It’s pretty awesome (and it reminds me of Numbers).

Forever (Season 1) – Seen 4 of 13 episodes
This show is about NYC Medical Examiner Dr. Henry Morgan (played by Ioan Gruffudd), who is searching for a cure to his own immortality, and his new partner Detective Jo Martinez (played by Alana De La Garza). The show also stars Judd Hirsch as Abe, which alone is reason enough to see it.

The Librarians (Season 1) – Seen 3 of 10 episodes
This show is based on The Librarian films (starring the fabulous Noah Wyle from ER). A mix of magic, history, and action (very Indiana Jones inspired) and so bad that it is actually kind of good. Christian Kane plays one of the leads, and since Leverage won’t be renewed, this is at least a consolation prize (but not really).

So, what are you watching?