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There is an app for that

September 18, 2013 | No comments


I might be slightly in love with my new iphone. Scratch that, we are in a committed relationship.

Sometimes it is nice to do something just because you want to. Like getting a new phone.

I have had my iphone 4 for about a year. It is a good phone but the battery needed to be charged constantly and the touchscreen was starting to not quite cooperate all the time. Someone is calling and you want to answer? Sorry, that does not quite work right now. (It is taking screening your phone calls to a new level.) You want to check when the next bus comes? Sorry, that feature is not accessible at the moment.

You could say that my old phone had charm. Character. You could also say that that charm kind of defeated the purpose of having a smartphone.

And yes. I have insurance. I could have just gotten the old phone fixed. But what would have been the fun in that?

So yesterday, after having to take an involuntary day off work due extreme pain in my shoulder from spending all waking hours in front of the computer for the last couple of weeks, I went to the mall. When I passed the AT&T booth, I decided to upgrade my phone. It was not as impulsive as it might sound. I had checked weeks ago that my contract was up for renewal and that I was eligible for an upgrade, and since the new iphones 5s and 5c was just released, the cost of the older version had dropped. I like to plan when to be impulsive.

10 minutes later I had a brand new iphone in my hand. And it is so pretty.

When version 5 was first released, I was not completely convinced about the new format. It looked bulky (even though it was supposed to be a more sleek design). It looked weird.

I have changed my mind. It is perfect.

So instead of doing work the rest of the day (because we all know that taking a day off from work just means working from home in my vocabulary), I spent the afternoon and evening downloading ringtones, picking background images, and browsing apps. I could have just used the backup copy I did of my old phone a few days ago in case I were to get a new phone (again, it is important to plan when to be impulsive so that you are adequately prepared) and just have gotten all old apps installed again, but this was so much more fun.

I might have gotten slightly sidetracked by all the available apps. Who knew there were so many to choose between? Who knew you needed an app for everything? I mean everything. My phone can take care of every aspect of my daily life for me now. Find new recipes, oh all the food love! Write my shoppinglist AND tell me what things to buy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When to exercise. How long to exercise for. What specific exercises to do for all the different results I want (I never knew I wanted to go from couch to 5k but apparently I should strive for that). Which books to read. Which movies to watch. Games to play. And all the camera and photo editing apps! I used to only have instagram – all the things I have missed!

The only thing my phone can not take care for me is work. I guess I still have to go into the office every day. But the phone is pretty, so I am willing to overlook this fact.

Did I mention how pretty my new phone is?