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Hello July

July 1, 2015 | One comment



HELLO JULY How did June pass by so fast? I’m not ready for it being second half of summer yet. Also, humidity, you’re killing me. How can it already be too hot outside at 6:30 am?

HELLO NEW HEATER You might be the best addition to our office to date. Now I only sit under a blanket because it is so soft and cozy, rather than to keep warm enough to be able to get any work done.

HELLO DISSERTATION The countdown has officially begun. 3 months left, and then you have to be done. I finally managed to get some longer sections finished (with over 5000 words last month), but this month I’m gonna need this writing block, that have been lasting way too long, to go away. Deal?

HELLO SPRING CLEANING The blog needs a bit of behind-the-scenes spring cleaning (or summer cleaning I guess). Nothing major, I’ve just started cleaning up the tags and categories and reorganizing a bit. The closet also needs a spring cleaning, since I only did one of the two shelves last month (and seeing one cleaned shelf and one that’s a mess drives me crazy every time I open the closet). All the piles of papers (and the post it notes) that are threatening to take over my office also need to be dealt with. And maybe the kitchen cabinets?

HELLO TUESDAY MOVIE NIGHT You’re gonna be e recurring thing this summer. For sure.

HELLO COSTCO Have I told you lately how much I like you? Mostly I like your chocolate-vanilla-swirl. Especially now when it is summer and the humidity is about to kill me, and I feel fully justified eating ice cream every single day.

HELLO LONG WALKS I’ve found my thing. Long walks clears my head and stops me from going crazy from the finishing-PhD-stress-hell. Fitbit and RunKeeper help me stay on track, aiming for at least 10,000 steps a day and 150 km per month.

HELLO FOOD NETWORK You’re a pretty great companion at the gym, except the cupcake wars and cake decorating competitions make me crave yummy cupcakes and extravagant cakes like crazy. I feel extremely accomplished when I go home and eat my two ingredient banana pancakes instead.

[Image from someecards, because I find them hilarious]