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Monthly Goals | June

May 31, 2015 | No comments



(✔) WORK: I wrote over 2000 words on my dissertation, finished the lab bin inventory, and is almost ready to send the draft manuscript to my co-authors, but I didn’t work on my funding application.
(✔) FINANCE: I mostly followed my budget, but splurged on a couple of things, submitted my travel grant paperwork, and made a payment on my student loan.
(✘) HOME: I didn’t sort through my closet, or get new curtains, but I did work in the garden (once).
(✔) HEALTH: I only went to the gym 4 out of 10 times, but I walked over 125 km, ate more vegetables and fruit, and got back into logging all my meals.
(✔) FUN: We went to the cinema, I participated in the Bout of Books read-a-thon, had a wonderful Eurovision party, but didn’t finish my crochet project.


Work | stay focused and productive
1. Write 5000 words on my dissertation.
2. Finish draft of the dispersal manuscript and send to co-authors.
3. Prep samples for analysis.
4. Draft funding application.

Finance | get organized
1. Stick to my budget for June.

Home | catch up on chores
1. Sort through two shelves in my closet.
2. Donate things to Goodwill.
3. Work in the garden.
4. Get a new plant for the living room.

Health | get back into healthy routines
1. Go to the gym 10 times.
2. Walk 150 km.
3. 10000 steps per day.
4. Continue logging all my meals.
5. Eat more vegetables and fruit.
6. Stay away from chocolate and candy.

Fun | relax and enjoy life
1. Go to the cinema.
2. Work on my crochet project.
3. Go to knitting club.
4. Bake bread.
5. Go out for dinner with friends.
6. Read in the park