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Monthly Goals | May

May 1, 2015 | 4 comments



(✘) WORK: I presented my research at a conference, started the lab bin inventory, but only wrote 429 words on my dissertation and didn’t finish the manuscript draft.
(✔) FINANCE: I followed my budget and submitted the travel reimbursement papers.
(✘) HOME: I cleaned my bookshelves, but didn’t sort through the rest of the closet or get new curtains (at this rate, these might never happen).
(✔) HEALTH: I only went to the gym 4 times, but I did walk over 60 km and ate more vegetables.
(✔) FUN: I had a great time visiting my friends in London, and went to the cinema several times, but didn’t read a classic, get much done in the garden, go to knitting club, or finished my crochet project.


Work | stay focused and productive
1. Write 2000 words on my dissertation.
2. Finish draft of the dispersal manuscript and send to co-authors.
3. Finish the inventory of the bins with samples in the lab.
4. Draft funding application.

Finance | get organized
1. Stick to my budget for May.
2. Submit my travel grant paperwork.
3. Make payment on my student loan.

Home | catch up on chores
1. Sort through two shelves in my closet.
2. Get new curtains (or at least think about getting new curtains…)
3. Work in the garden.

Health | get back into healthy routines
1. Go to the gym 10 times.
2. Walk 100 km.
3. Eat more vegetables and fruit.
4. Log all my food.

Fun | relax and enjoy life
1. Go to the cinema.
2. Participate in a read-a-thon.
3. Finish my crochet project.
4. Have a party.