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Monthly Goals | March

March 1, 2015 | 17 comments



(✘) WORK: I processed over 50 images, finished the volume sub-project, but did not write nearly enough on my dissertation (only 945 words of my 4000 word goal).
(✔) FINANCE: I made a payment on my student loan and followed my budget for the month.
(✘) HOME: I sorted through part of my closet and we switched internet provider, but we still haven’t gotten new curtains.
(✔) HEALTH: I didn’t log all my meals and only went to the gym three times, but I exceeded my 80 km goal by walking 85.58 km.
(✔) FUN: I had a great birthday popcorn party, continued with Project Life, and went to a meeting with the knitting club, but I did not read 2 classics, or finish my crochet project.


Work | stay focused and productive
1. Write 2500 words on my dissertation.
2. Process the last of the bubble images.
3. Prepare a conference presentation.

Finance | get organized
1. Get my tax information together.
2. Pay off the last of my dental loan.
3. Stick to my budget for March.

Home | catch up on chores
1. Sort through my closet.
2. Clean my bookshelves.
3. Get new curtains.

Health | get back into healthy routines
1. Go to the gym 6 times.
2. Walk 90 km.
3. Keep a food diary.

Fun | relax and enjoy life
1. Go to knitting club twice.
2. Read 1 classic.
3. Finish my crochet project.
4. Try a new recipe.
5. Go to the cinema.
6. Send a letter.

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