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Monthly Goals | January

January 1, 2015 | 2 comments



(✔) WORK: I finished the volume calculations, prepared a talk, and presented my research at a conference, but I didn’t finish the sample inventory.
(✔) ADMINISTRATION: I made a budget for 2015 and submitted the health insurance clearance forms.
(✘) HOME: We decorated for Christmas, but didn’t get new curtains or donate clothes to Goodwill.
(✔) HEALTH: I ate more fruit and vegetables, and drank more water. I also walked over 44 km and reached my goal of walking 300 km before the end of the year (although I forgot to log all of it with RunKeeper). I had new x-rays taken of my wrists but didn’t look into yoga and spinning classes for the spring.
(✔) FUN: I finished my crochet project, bought Christmas and birthday presents, started reading the Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales, went to a concert (Jason Mraz – awesome!) and two shows (Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios in San Francisco and Le Rêve in Las Vegas), and had a great vacation with family.


Work | stay focused and productive
1. Do additional volume calculations and write a summary report.
2. Redo calculations for Project A with alternative method.
3. Process 20 bubble images.
4. Finish the inventory of the processed samples.
5. Prepare and have a committee meeting.
6. Write and submit an abstract for a conference.
7. Write 1000 words on my dissertation.

Finance | get organized
1. File the travel completion forms for the conference.
2. Stick to my budget for January.

Home | catch up on chores
1. Donate clothes to Goodwill.
2. Get new curtains.

Health | get back into healthy routines
1. Look into yoga and spinning classes for the spring.
2. Get electromyogram done for my hands.
3. Walk 80 km.
4. Go to the gym 4 times.

Fun | relax and enjoy life
1. Start a new crafts project.
2. Scrapbook – Project Life.
3. Finish the Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales.
4. Read 5 books already on my Kindle.
5. Have a meeting for the chocolate exchange club.

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