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Monthly Goals | December

December 1, 2014 | 4 comments



(✔) WORK: I didn’t write anything on my dissertation, but I redid one isopach map, started preparing for my conference presentation, and finished (what I thought was) the last volume calculations.
(✘) HOME: I didn’t clean my bedroom and didn’t drop off clothes at Goodwill.
(✘) HEALTH: I made a meal plan and ate more fruit and vegetables, but didn’t drink as much water as I should. I only walked 18 km and didn’t do anything on the 30 day challenge.
(✔) FUN: I made progress on my crochet project and had a great Thanksgiving dinner with friends.


Work | Stay focused and productive.
1. Finish the volume calculations and write a summary report.
2. Prepare a talk, and present my research at a conference.
3. Catch up on inventorying the processed samples.

Administration | Get organized.
1. Make a budget for 2015.
2. Submit the forms for the health insurance clearance.

Home | Catch up on chores.
1. Donate clothes to Goodwill.
2. Put up Christmas decorations.
3. Get new curtains.

Health | Get back into healthy routines.
1. Eat more fruit and vegetables, and drink more water.
2. Look into yoga and spinning classes for the spring.
3. Get new xrays of my wrists.
4. Walk 44 km (to reach my adjusted goal of 300 km before the end of the year).

Fun | Relax and enjoy life.
1. Finish my crochet project.
2. Buy Christmas and birthday presents.
3. Read the Complete Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales for Christmas.
4. Go to a concert (Jason Mraz) and a show (Cirque du Soleil).
5. Enjoy 2 weeks of vacation with my family.

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