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Weekly Wishes | 52

November 23, 2014 | 7 comments




(✘) WORK: Once again, I didn’t write anything on my dissertation, but I finished another set of volume calculations, held a presentation. I also didn’t start preparing my conference presentation.
(✘) HOME: I did laundry, but didn’t clean my bedroom or pick out fabric for new curtains.
(✔) HEALTH: I made a meal plan, ate more fruit and vegetables, walked over 25 km, and continued with the 30 day challenge. I also drank one bottle of water almost every day.
(✔) FUN: We had a knitting lunch, I made progress on my crochet project, and finished two books. I also had dinner with friends twice this week.


Work | Stay focused and productive.
Write one paragraph on my dissertation, finish the last volume calculations, redo one isopach map, and start preparing my conference presentation.

Home | Get organized.
Clean my bedroom and donate clothes to Goodwill.

Health | Get back into healthy routines.
Make a meal plan, and eat more fruit and vegetables. Drink at least a bottle of water each day. Walk 20 km and continue with the 30 day challenge.

Fun | Relax and enjoy life.
Make progress on my crochet project. Go to Thanksgiving dinner.

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