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The blog is taking a break

July 1, 2013 | No comments


The summer season has officially started. While I’m going out in the field to dig pits and log tephra layers, the blog is going on vacation. We will both be back in August again.

I had this long list of things I was supposed to do before I left for field work. It spanned the last month and involved daily lists, a spreadsheet and colour coding. It truly was a great plan but there was, however, a slight problem with the execution.

I got extremely stressed about all the things I wanted to get done and forgot to follow the plan. It doesn’t matter how many spreadsheets and lists you have made and how perfect the colour scheme you have picked is if you don’t actually remember to look at the carefully outlined instructions you’ve written to yourself.

In addition to all the work-related tasks (which to be fair was 90% of the lists) I had hoped to finish the Project Life pages for week 25 and 26, and post a progress update for mission 101 but it will have to wait until the end of summer. I was running out of time and had to prioritize. It is not the end of the world, but it sure is annoying.

At one point or another this last week, every single free surface in the apartment have been occupied by piles of things to pack. For a while, I seriously doubted I’d get everything to fit. It was definitely a battle between me and the bags. It wouldn’t have been such a problem if all I had to bring was my clothes, but there was also all the necessary field gear (which on its own takes up one bag) and random things. 200 ziplock bags. A collection of gluten free granola bars. Sharpies in all colours imaginable.

I also spent what felt like hours wrapping what I could have swore was hundreds of thin sections individually in tissue paper so they wouldn’t break or get scratches during transport. I was tempted to accidentally ‘forget’ them so I didn’t had to deal with it. In reality, it was less than 30 thin sections and it probably took me less than half an hour but when it is late at night and you’re operating on minimal amount of sleep, even the smallest tasks can feel insurmountable.

All the bags were packed in time to leave for the airport. I didn’t miss the flight. Now I’m sitting at an airport somewhere in Alaska, hungry and tired, waiting for the next flight. My room is left in a mess, I never cleaned the bathroom. I’m pretty sure I even left dishes in the sink for Em to deal with.

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