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Weekly Wishes | 46

October 12, 2014 | 2 comments




(✔) WORK: I redid the last analysis for paper A, draw some of the maps, and finished the sample inventory, but didn’t write anything on my dissertation.
(✔) HOME: I made a little bit of progress on organizing the closet.
(✔) HEALTH: I walked over 20 km, drank more water than normal, and logged my meals 5 days.
(✔) FUN: I read a book, went to knitting club (and crafts club brunch), worked on my new crochet project, but didn’t try a new recipe.


Work | Stay focused and productive.
Write one paragraph on my dissertation, send a report to my co-authors, meet with my advisor, and finish the rest of the maps.

Home | Get organized.
Continue organizing the closet and my bedroom. Do laundry.

Health | Get back into healthy routines.
Walk 20 km, drink more water, and log all meals every day.

Fun | Relax and enjoy life.
Read a book, celebrate with my friend who’s defending her masters, work on my crochet project, and try a new recipe from the best cookbook ever.

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