Organize This!

An organized desk is an organized mind

June 18, 2013 | No comments


I took Sunday off work to, well, organize the office.

I moved from one side to the office to the other (i.e. less than 5 meters away) and it took me most of the day. Granted, it did involve a lot of cleaning, sorting through piles of papers that lately have been accumulating on my normally clean desk, defrosting the fridge, dealing with the very unpleasant smelling microwave, sorting through the shared cabinets, getting rid of random stuff left by previous office occupants (and occasionally being distracted by actual work).

I now have a very organized workspace. It is a big thing. I feel like I can breathe again.

You can usually tell how stressed I am by how clean my desk is. I like when each thing is in its specific place. I like order.

I have my planner where I make lists with clear goals to accomplish each day. It is colour coded and without it, I would not get anything done. When I get stressed, I can not keep track of anything, not even my beloved day planner, so I resort to post-its. Not that I do not like sticky notes. I do. In fact, I love them, they are one of the greatest inventions ever and I use them all the time in my planner. My desk covered in sticky notes – each with things I need to remember or not forget or do before a specific date or do sometime when there is time over or take care of before I do another thing or filled with notes about something I was thinking about and did not want to forget or random sentences that should go somewhere in my dissertation if I ever get around to actually writing it instead of sorting through sticky notes – not so great. And it makes me more stressed. So then I write more notes. It is a never ending spiral of crazyness.

The last month or so have been a constant battle against the impending sticky note takeover. But I won. Crisis averted.

I knew that changing office space would be the answer (I have had my eye on that corner for two years). I am actually quite impressed that I did not start moving my things the moment the previous occupant of that desk cleared out. I am blaming the three day delay on that the sticky note about the move was buried under other notes (and actual work also had to be done). I am neither confirming nor denying anything but it is possible that I might have been into the office late Saturday evening to deliver a new planner, nice notebooks for all my mini-projects to-do lists, new folders and binders and lots of new pens and pencils as a pre-office-moving celebration.

I love my new corner. It is cozy. I have lots of shelves and drawers for my things and I am no longer sitting by the door, getting disturbed every time someone pass by in the hallway.

Today, I got more work done than the last two weeks combined. I could go home at 6 pm to watch tv and work on my knitting project and not feel bad about not staying in the office longer or not getting enough things done. I love days like this.

The only issue now is that I was the only one that actually finished moving my things so my corner is organized whereas the rest of the room is in complete chaos. Obviously, rearranging office space has a domino effect. Since my old desk became empty, Sarah could move from the not-so-desirable desk that is in front of the sink, and Sammie is moving from her old office into ours. Sarah no longer has to move every time someone (read me) wants another cup of tea and Sammie gets to be in an office with a window. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Except Sammie is off traveling around Europe at the moment so Sarah can do a very slow move over the next few weeks and currently has her things spread out over two desks. To be fair, she has a lot on her plate right now so it is understandable that organizing her folders might not be on the top of her to-do list.

I do not even know if she has a proper to-do list. Maybe I’ll give her some of my extra sticky notes.