All Roads Lead Home

Summer Manifesto Update

July 10, 2014 | 2 comments


I’m now on the second part of my summer travels – vacation with family in Sweden – and life could not be better. I’m truly enjoying being away from the office and spending lots of quality time with my sister.

The first part of the trip (10 days in beautiful Iceland) was great. I spent time with old friends, and made some new friends too. The summer school was interesting. It could have been slightly better organized, but it was definitely worth attending.

Being back in Iceland felt like coming home. Not even the bad weather (thunder, rain, and hail!) could make me in a bad mood. Also, the place we stayed at had a hot tub outside that we took full advantage of.

I would have had lots of amazing photos to share, but my camera (and wallet and ipod) was stolen the last night in Reykjavik.

I’m borrowing my sister’s spare camera for the rest of the summer, so there will definitely be lots of photos from both Sweden, Denmark and Iceland to share when I get back home in August.

Until then, I’m gonna hide my computer away and focus on all the things on my summer manifesto. First up: spend the rest of the afternoon reading on the balcony until my sister comes home from work.