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Healthy Habits & NSV | 5

May 11, 2014 | 2 comments


With regards to working on my healthy habits, I had a terrible week. I barely did anything I had planned. Instead of focusing too much on all the things I didn’t do this week, I’m gonna try and focus on all the things I will do next week.

The one things I managed to get done this week is a little bit of progress on the May #4weeksfit challenge (hosted by Erin and Kristin). I made progress on 2 of my 3 main goals: I’ve been drinking at least 2 cups of water each day (which is about 2 cups more than I normally drink, although not quite my goal of 4 cups) and I’ve walked 15 of my 50 km goal.

My non-scale victory this week was not going crazy with unhealthy food for the party we had Saturday. Normally, I just eat whatever I want when we have on of our get-togethers (which doesn’t happen that often), but this time I mostly ate fruit.

NSV is a weekly linkup hosted by KTJ and Samantha. I highly recommend visiting them both and everyone participating in the linkup.