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Eurovision Song Contest

May 10, 2014 | No comments


Today was the Eurovision Song Contest – aka the musical highlight of the year. Last year I only asked (made) Em watch it with me, but this year I had an ESC-breakfast-party with my friends.

The final aired live from Denmark Saturday evening, and since we’re not in Europe, we had to watch it in the morning. It was still just as epic. There was good food and drinks, score cards, and lots of laughter. There was also lots of great music, wonderful outfits, amazing dance numbers as well asreally bad singing, lyrics none of us understood, and terrible clothes.

Unfortunately, the song about baking a cake was eliminated in the semi-finals, but there was other wonderful things such as an Austrian transvestite, a song about a heart that goes tick-tock like a clock, Russian twins, a song about cheesecake, Icelandic post-punk (dressed as the rainbow), a group called TWIN TWIN (not to confuse with the Russian twins) with their ode to facial hair, at least one cliché love song, a dubstep ballad, and Polish hip-hop.

Sounds amazing, right? It was.

As usual, there was accusations of cheating, favouritism, and political based voting. And afterwards, the first thing I said was that the wrong song won. (We Swedes always do, except when we win and last year when Denmark won.)

My favourites (after Sweden of course) was Rumania with the upbeat song Miracle performed by Paula Seling & OVI, and the Netherlands with the country song Calm After the Storm, performed by The Common Linnets (Ilse DeLange and Waylon). Both Sweden and the Netherlands placed better than I had expected (third and second place respectively). The Netherlands have won four times, most recently in 1975 with Ding-a-Dong performed by the band Teach-In. Sweden, together with the UK, France and Luxembourg have the second most wins (five). Ireland have a whopping seven wins, and won three years in a row in the 90’s.

So who won this year? Austria (the bearded transvestite or Conchita Wurst as she is actually called) with the power ballad Rise Like a Phoenix. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t the best song, or best performance, if you ask me.

If you haven’t figured it out, ESC is pretty much my favourite event of the year.

I might even be slightly obsessed. Luckely, I have good friends who support my obsessions. (We are already planning the party for next years final.)