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Healthy Habits & NSV | 4

May 4, 2014 | No comments


Compared to last week, I think I did a better job this week developing my healthy habits. I went for several walks, three yoga classes, and drank more water. I still need to work on logging all my food, not just the breakfast. I’ve been continuing with the 30 day fitness challenge but not every day. I have, however, been doing some kind of exercise every day this week, which I think is a huge step forward.

I’m also participating in Erin and Kristin’s #4weeksfit challenge for May. I like how you get to tailor it to work for you with your own goals. My goals are building on my healthy habits, but with larger defined goals for the month as a whole (so e.g. instead of just walking more, my goal is to walk 100 km during May).

My non-scale victory this week is that I finally tried the new fitness center that opened on campus. I even went twice! (Mostly because my awesome friend agreed to be my work-out buddy and she made me go the days we didn’t have yoga.)

NSV is a weekly linkup hosted by KTJ and Samantha. I highly recommend visiting them both and everyone participating in the linkup.