Healthy Habits & NSV | 2

April 20, 2014 | No comments


I had the second round of treatment for my foot Monday afternoon, and the rest of the week was quite rough. I went to one yoga class Monday morning and I also went for two short walks towards the end of the week, but I spent most of the rest of the week on the couch resting my foot. I was getting antsy so Saturday I did yoga at home and that helped a lot.

I finally decided to give the 30 day fitness challenge a try. I like the idea of simple, short exercises you can do at home every day, and that the duration/difficulty increases each day. I’ve started the 30 day plank challenge and the 30 day wall sit challenge. So far it’s going great. I’m only two days into it, but you have to start somewhere. I feel that anything that involves a schedule, a to-do list to check off, and an easy to use Iphone app is like made for me.

I’m still using myfitnesspal but I haven’t been logging every meal. I’m good at logging breakfast and lunch, but often forget to log my dinner. I made my favourite coconut curry in the slow cooker yesterday so now I have lunch ready for several days this coming week. I know that making a meal plan for the week, and logging the food in advance helps me a lot. My goal for next week is to log everything every day. It shouldn’t be so difficult.

I’m addicted to diet coke. Soda is one of my big weaknesses, and diet coke is the worst one. It starts slow with a diet coke on weekends, and before I know it, I’m craving diet coke before breakfast. It’s clearly a problem and I definitely need a break so I’m gonna try and give it up completely. I’m hoping it might also help me drink more water.

My non-scale victory this week is that I haven’t had any diet coke (for 7 days in a row!). I was climbing the walls the first few days but it helped that I was home on the couch and couldn’t walk around, and there was no diet coke in the apartment.

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