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A Photo An Hour

April 18, 2014 | No comments


A day in the life documented with one photo an hour.

6 AM. Rise and shine. I’m going for comfort over style today since it technically is a holiday and I should be home relaxing instead of going to the office.
Soundtrack: Kodaline – Love Like This (acoustic)

7 AM. Breakfast in the office. Trying a new flavour. Not so sure about this combo.
Soundtrack: Scavenger Hunt – Lost

8 AM. MatLab. My best friend that makes all my calculations go so much faster than if I had to do it all in excel.
Soundtrack: Maia Hirasawa – Lights Are Out

9 AM. Spotify favourite playlist. A necessary companion on days like this. The observant reader will notice that the volume is turned all the way down… Don’t worry, there’s a somewhat logical explanation (and the situation was fixed at approximately 9:04 am).
Soundtrack: NONONO – Pumpin Blood

10 AM. Morning snack. Roasted salted almonds.
Soundtrack: London Grammar – Metal & Dust

11 AM. Today’s tedious task: copying and pasting data from one spreadsheet to another.
Soundtrack: Lucius – Until We Get There

12 PM. Lunchtime. Salmon and steamed asparagus.
Soundtrack: Sara Bareilles – I Choose You

1 PM. Finishing up the deconvolution. At least all that data resulted in some pretty graphs.
Soundtrack: Christina Perri – Burning Gold

2 PM. Quick stop at the grocery store on my way home.
Soundtrack: Lykke Li – No Rest for the Wicked

3 PM. Preparing an afternoon snack.
Soundtrack: Ellie Goulding – Burn

4 PM. Relocating to the home office. Our couch is very, very comfortable.
Soundtrack: In The Valley Below – Peaches

5 PM. Pouring rain again! (Which is nice when you’re inside on a comfortable couch and it has been annoyingly hot and humid lately.)
Soundtrack: Agnes Obel – Dorian

6 PM. Finished with work. Now time for some reading.
Soundtrack: Santana – Samba Pa Ti

7 PM. Toast with banana for evening snack.
Soundtrack: MS MR – Hurricane

8 PM. Pinterest-surfing.
Soundtrack: Aidan Hawken – Walking Blind

9 PM. Getting ready to cozy up in bed and read for the rest of the evening.
Soundtrack: Ingrid Michaelson – Girls Chase Boys

All photos taken with Top Camera app on my Iphone.