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April 13, 2014 | No comments


I had a quite rough week. My foot is still not quite healed so I couldn’t walk as much as I’d wanted to. I took the bus to and from campus every day and didn’t go to the gym. I did yoga twice, even though there were a few poses I couldn’t quite do or had to modify a little.

The big thing this week was Relay for Life last night. Originially, my goal was to walk 20 km. It’s a good length but not impossible to do in a night (and only a little further than what we did for Relay last year). With my foot not being completely healed, and not having walked anything during the last two weeks, I decided that my goal would be to at least make it around the track once. I ended up doing 16 rounds, which is 4 miles (or 6.4 km) so I consider that a success.

I did fairly good with logging my food this week. I started using myfitnesspal again (even though I didn’t log everything every day), I drank a little more water (and less diet coke) and I only ate chocolate a few days.

My non-scale victory (in addition to actually walking more than one round around the track at Relay) was not eating a lot of crap during Relay. The weather was really bad so whenever you weren’t on the track walking, you were standing under our canopy tents (holding on to them to make sure they weren’t flying away…), surrounded by all the snacks everyone on our team had brought. There was a lot of food. There was no risk of anyone starving to death over night. There was, however, serious risk of multiple people ending up in sugar-induced comas.

Knowing that I would probably either not be able to eat a lot of the food/snacks because of my allergies, and that the remaining things would probably not be the healthiest, I had an early dinner at home before Relay started. During the evening, I only had a piece of banana bread (that I had baked), one very small piece of brownie (that I had also baked), grapes and vegetables, and a little bit of candy. I had brought some candy with me (in case of emergency) but I only ate half of it. I also only drank water. No soda, even though I was craving diet coke like crazy.

It might seem like a small thing, but I am actually extremely proud over myself both for walking the amount I did (every step counts) and for not going overboard with the snacks during the evening.

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