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Favourite Things | July 2014

July 2, 2014 | One comment


Today I’m linking up with Emily and Ally to share my favourite things for July. I will be spending most of this month visiting family in Sweden, so therefore the theme for this favourite things edition is Sweden.


(1) Nyponsoppa. (Rose Hip Soup) Vitamic C packed Swedish delicacy that is best served hot with vanilla icecream and almond biscuits as a dessert, or cold to drink with hot dogs.

(2) Filmjölk. Nordic dairy product made from fermented milk. Best breakfast ever.

(3) Trocadero. Caffeinated apple- and orange flavoured Swedish soda. Taste like summer.

(4) Falukorv. Traditional Swedish sausage made from smoked pork and beef or veal, pre-cooked so it can be eaten as-is (‘raw’) or as the main ingredient in ‘korv stroganoff’ (sausage stroganoff).

(5) Ahlgrens Bilar. Marshmallow cars, and the best candy ever, marketed with the slogan “Sweden’s most sold car”.

(6) Messmör/Fjällbrynt. Sweet sandwich spread made from butter and whey.

(7) Rabarbersaft. Rhubarb concentrate that you mix with water for a delicious drink. Other flavours I really like are gooseberry, black currant, and elderflower.

(8) Daimglass. Vanilla ice cream with daim candy in a yummy cone (which I unfortunately cannot eat) and covered in milk chocolate.

(9) Läkerol. Swedish brand of sugar free pastilles that comes in a wide variety of flavours.

I guess it’s kind of obvious what I miss the most…

What are your favourite things this month?

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