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This or That?

March 21, 2014 | No comments


TV or Movies? Movies. And TV. And made for TV movies.
Black or White? Black. (Plus white and grey.)
Night owl, or early bird? Early bird.
Print or Ebook? Print. Ebook when traveling.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate, always chocolate.
Regular or Diet? Diet is the only way to go.
Horror or Romance? Romance.
Action or Drama? Drama.
Pizza or Pasta? Pizza.
Summer or Winter? Winter.
City or Country? Country.
Spontaneity or Planning Ahead? Planning ahead.
Beach or Pool? Preferably neither.
Shoes or Sandals? Shoes.
Cats or Dogs? Dogs.
Cause or Effect? Cause.
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.
Truth or Dare? Truth.
Text or Talk? Text.

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