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Pie or quiche

May 6, 2013 | No comments


When in doubt about what food to cook, make a pie. Or a quiche as my friends insist a pie without pastry covering should be called.

I was running low on food so I made two new quiches. I figured I might as well do two if I was gonna go through the trouble of doing all the work (it isn’t actually that much work, just a lot of dishes to take care of afterwards). The only thing that took longer than usual was making the pie crust but mostly it was because I’m still experimenting with getting the dough right when using gluten free flour. I haven’t tried using xantham gum yet. Without it, the crust doesn’t stick together that well, but friends that have tried it says it makes everything very dense. For pie crust, I think I prefer light and flaky.

For today’s fillings, I did one with spinach and cheese and one with cheese, ham and broccoli. Both turned out very good. I usually only use shredded mozarella for the fillings, which makes it creamy and nice but doesn’t actually add that much taste, so today I used mozarella, parmesan and romano. It was a very good idea.

What I like the best about quiches is that they make such good leftovers. I cut them into portion sized pieces and freeze them individually, wrapped in aluminum foil. It doesn’t take up much space in the freezer and makes for easy lunches. Also, you don’t have to eat the same thing multiple meals in a row before it goes bad. We have such a small freezer, so I don’t really freeze any other leftovers. I try to bring lunch with me for work, both because it is expensive to eat out but also because it is hard to find gluten free food on campus. This of course only works when I make dinner. Whenever I get home late in the evening, I’m just too tired to make a proper meal (or I’m just not hungry anymore) and I often end up eating something quick and easy, and then I don’t have any lunch ready for the next day. Quiches solves that problem. They are good for your wallet, since you get a lot of food out of a few quite cheap ingredients. Always a nice bonus when you live off of a grad student salary.

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