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Weekend Cooking

January 11, 2014 | One comment


I am on a quest to find more balance in my life. A big part of that is eating good, healthy food. It sounds like such as easy task, but it is something I have been struggling with my entire life.

As a kid, I was what you would describe as a picky eater. Or rather, I was the pickiest eater ever. If it had been up to me, I would have lived off of only apple sauce, filmjölk (a type of processed sour milk), cheese sandwishes, potato cakes, and pancakes. Not the most balanced diet ever. I spent most of the time at the dinner table moving the food around the plate. My parents tried the approach of not letting me leave the dinner table until I finished, as well as threats of going hungry because there would be no other food to eat. They had to give that up because I was quite stubborn and I would rather go hungry than eat something I didn’t like.

I’ve expanded my dietary preferences a lot since then, although I’m still a quite picky eater. Some of it I blame on a sensitive stomach and allergies (gluten and most kinds of beans/legumes), some of it is just me actually being picky (but purple vegetables will never seem right to me).

I really enjoy cooking, but always making food for one and always on a very strict budget takes a lot of the fun out it. Add a busy schedule to that, and it is easy to understand how I end up in what I call my food funk periods. They often last months at a time, and are recognized by too much fast food, skipped meals and extreme lack of variation.

This coming week is going to be extremely busy at work. If I work late, I tend to be too tired to cook when I get home (and then I have no leftovers for lunch the following day). I have realized that for me this is the slippery slope to another food funk period, so this time I’m trying to plan ahead and avoid this.

This evening, after a visit to Costco and a supplementary trip to the local grocery store, I had what can be best described as a total kitchen-take-over. It was good that I was the only one at home so there were no witnesses to the mess I made. I cooked for hours. I made oven baked salmon, sweet potato chips, and baked yams with oatmeal. It might seem like a somewhat weird meal, but add some salads, ham, and tomato soup and you have the basis for most of my meals for this week.


I am hoping that having some of the things for this week already prepared, and only having to cook a few times during the week, will help me stay on track.

What do you do to stay inspired and avoid the food funk periods?

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