The Big Reading Plan

January 10, 2014 | No comments


Once I had decided which reading challenges I wanted to participate in this year, it was time to come up with a reading plan.


A good plan feels like a key part in making 2014 into the year that I like to think of as the one where quality wins over quantity, and where I broaden my literary horizons.

My love for books is very well integrated with my love for lists (because book themed lists are one of the best kinds of list). I usually keep track of which books I’ve read, and which books I am planning to read (as welll as how they fit into all the challenges I’m participating in) with a quite complicated spreadsheet (colourcoded of course). Even with all that to my disposal, I still feel like nothing beats a good structured, simple plan of attack. It is a well known fact that there is nothing better than a list to keep you on track.

Here is mine.

1. Read 100 books
2. Read Nordic literature
    2.1 Read 12 books in Swedish (by Swedish authors)
    2.2 Read 25 books by Nordic authors
3. Reread old favourites
    3.1 Reread the Harry Potter books
    3.2 Reread the Outlander books
    3.3 Reread the Millennium books
4. Try 5 new authors
5. Read 5 genres outside my comfort zone
6. Read 2 biographies
7. Read 1 book by a Pulitzer Prize winner
8. Read 10 books from my Classic Club List
9. Read 2 books from the BBC the Big Read list
10. Read 2 books from the Penguin English Library list
11. Read 1 book from the Swedish Literature list
12. Write 10 book reviews
13. Participate in a group read
14, Participate in reading challenges
    14.1 The Reading Challenge Addict Challenge (6 challenges)
    14.2 The 2014 TBR Pile Challenge (12 books)
    14.3 Lucky No 14 Reading Challenge (14 books)
    14.4 Read it again, Sam Challenge (4 books)
    14.5 2014 Series Challenge (3 series)
15. Participate in reading challenges at Goodreads
    15.1 The Mystery, Mayhem, and Murder Squad Reading Challenge (25 books)
    15.2 Stuck in a Rut Challenge (28+ books)
    15.3 2014 Chubby Chunkster Challenge (8 books)
    15.4 One group reading challenge

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