Through the Lens


December 20, 2013 | One comment


Yesterday was an epic day, for many reasons, but mostly because my amazing friends Danielle and Nic finally got married. They had a beautiful, intimate wedding on the beach with me as the only attendee. Here are glimpses from their day.


Danielle is one of my dearest friends. As long as I have know her and Nic, they have been talking about getting married in Hawaii. I’m so happy they finally got their dream wedding, and that they decided to share it with me. It was truly a perfect day. The love they have for each other is breathtaking, and I wish I someday will find a love like theirs.

My three favourite moments captured during their wedding day are: a closeup during the ceremony (they were crying, I was crying), one of them looking out on the ocean after the ceremony, and one of them looking at each other during the wedding dinner.



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