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Dear Sister

December 19, 2013 | One comment


Today is your birthday, and for the first time, we’re not spending the day together. Being 11 thousand km apart feels extra far today. Since I’m not waking you up with breakfast and gifts (and my questionable interpretation of happy birthday), I’m sending you gifts in form of this love letter.

When people ask me about you I always tell them that you are, without a doubt, the best sister and the best friend anyone could ever wish for. You are awesome, and I am blessed to be your sister.

You know how we often jokingly say that I get A’s in school, but you get A’s in real life? I think this is true. (And this is probably why I’m still a student and you have a real job.)

I can memorize random facts. I am excellent at standardized tests. I can excel at anything that requires reading a book. You, on the other hand, instinctively understand how things work. You think outside the box. You find solutions to problems before I have even realized that something is wrong.

I can make lists. I can organize. Give me a spreadsheet and I can colour code the **** out of that thing. These are good qualities that will serve me well pursuing a career in academia. Something I have learnt, though, is that it doesn’t actually matter that much in real life.

If I could be more like you, I would, but you’re pretty unique.

There are so many examples of your awesomeness.

When you assemble something, by principle you don’t look at the instructions. It just magically works. You just know which piece goes where and in which order. I have to carefully lay out the parts, compare to the instructions. If there are not schematic drawings (preferably colour coded) I will likely do something wrong. I’ll get the thing assembled eventually. It might just take me some time (and I probably have to call you for emotional support at least once).

You are phenomenal when it comes to anything technical. If something doesn’t work, my only attempt to fix it is to turn it off and turn it on again (which to be fair works most of the time). But you, you can fix things. You figure out what the problem is (other than “something is wrong”) and then you find a solution. This is why you are the family’s go-to-girl whereas I still haven’t figured out how to access the voice messages on my new phone.

Just this last summer, I was reminded of how amazing you are. You were playing Candy Crush, and of course, I had to try it as well. My self-esteem would probably have been better off if I hadn’t. I got stuck right away (I knew there was a good reason I avoided it). Obviously, I couldn’t tell you this. You were several hundred levels ahead of me and I felt kind of stupid not even making it pass the first 10 on my own. I spent days trying that same level. Over and over again. When I finally asked you for help, it took you less than ten minutes to solve it. And then I got stuck again on the next level. This time I had learnt my lesson and just asked you to fix it for me right away. You see patterns where all I see are a bunch of brightly coloured candies that probably don’t taste that good.

You then introduced me to the word in the picture game. For a little while, I thought that this game was something I could be better than you at. Such foolish thoughts. I didn’t even make it to the third level before I got stuck and had to ask for your help.

You are so creative. You can envision, and produce, the most beautiful things. It never stops to amaze me. I brag about how incredible you are any chance I get. You make jewelry like no one’s business. And every time you send me a photo of how you’ve painted your nails I wonder how you can make such tiny artwork whereas I can barely paint my nails with clear nail polish without making a mess.

You are the most considerate person I know. You will always go the extra mile to help out and you will never complain about it or expect anything in return. You are the best support system, cheerleader and helper anyone could ask for.

It always amazes be how we can be so completely different, and yet so much alike.

No one else understands the need of hour long phone conversations where we don’t actually talk about anything specific. You understand why I sometimes call just to hear your voice.

There is no one I rather spend my time together with. You make everything into an adventure. You make even the most boring task seem special.

You are special.

You are the perfect travel partner. Whenever I go somewhere new without you, I wish you were there.

You always get my jokes. You always laugh, even when they are not funny. You, on the other hand, are hilarious. There is never a dull moment when you are around.

You make me worry less. No obstacle is too big for us to conquer together. You have an uncanny ability to always see the sun when it pours, to keep calm when I panic, and to find your way when I am lost.

You are the only one that can make me throw away all my plans and preparations. You always make me live in the moment, rather than planning ahead.

You make everything better.

We fit together like two puzzle pieces. You’re my other half, my better half. I don’t function without you, and I miss you. I miss you all the time.

Love always
Your sister

PS. Actual birthday presents will be delivered by regular mail. Please don’t read the custom’s form before you open the box. That would kind of ruin the surprise.